Leonardo Di Caprio documentary -Before The Flood- is a mission



After being appointed UN Ambassador of Peace, Leonardo DiCaprio began his journey around the world to gather testimonies about the global warming phenomenon as a threat for the whole humanity.

Before the Flood” is directed by Fisher Stevens, also produced by DiCaprio and with the executive production of Martin Scorsese.
No it is not a film, but a documentary that keeps you glued to the screen for just over an hour and a half. For a very littloe time was available in free streaming on the National Geographic.

Leonardo DiCaprio is only at the beginning when he shows us the colossal oil sands extraction plants in Canada. Arctic ice and coral reefs in danger, then the role of US politicians on the progress of green actions.

Elon Musk’s Gigafactory, the global message of Pope Francis with his encyclical and Obama’s policies for the future environmental sustainability of human activities, sugarcoat the overview and make us keep hoping.

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